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The new "Illegal Migration" Bill would grant the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, the power to detain tens of thousands more people, indefinitely, including children, pregnant people and survivors of torture, trafficking and Modern Slavery.

She wants to lock people away for a minimum of 28 days and deny them the right to challenge their detention. In reality, her latest Anti-Refugee Bill would lead to:

  • Tens of thousands more people being detained for months or years on end
  • Greater harm, abuse and neglect of people in detention
  • Massive new detention centres being built across the country

The Bill will also bring an end to the right to seek asylum in the UK. By banning anyone crossing the Channel from applying for protection, Braverman will leave tens of thousands of people in limbo, unable to rebuild their lives or reunite with their families. Instead, they would live each day under threat of removal to Rwanda.

Braverman is steamrolling Parliament to push her bill through as quickly as possible. But we won't let her.

We have to act quickly. We have only days to convince MPs to oppose these plans. Please write to your MP, urging them to read our special briefing and stand against Braverman's Bill.