URGENT: Many more still face unjust deportation. Sign the open letter:

To Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

Just two years after the Windrush scandal was exposed, you decided to press ahead with deportations to Jamaica amid serious concerns about access to basic justice in detention centres.

Many affected, once again, were those who thought the UK was their home. People who came here as children and have no memory of, or connection to, any other place. Families have been split up and parents ripped from their children with no notice.

Attempts to paint all those facing deportation as people who pose a ‘threat to the UK’ are deeply irresponsible. This stigmatises those deported and puts lives at risk. The reality is that the majority were convicted of drug offences, often only once, and many were groomed into their offending behaviour.

We call on you to stop unjust deportations, end the system of inhumane indefinite detention, ensure access to justice and reform our deportation laws.

Before anyone else is removed, the Windrush Lessons Learned report must be published. 


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