EMERGENCY PETITION: Protect people in immigration detention from COVID-19

COVID-19 poses a grave threat to life in immigration detention centres, where hundreds are warehoused in unsanitary conditions. Even now, many report not having access to soap, sanitiser or masks. 

Expert medical evidence has warned of the dangers and called for all to be released. 

Since launching our campaign, we've pressured the Government into releasing hundreds. But hundreds more are still in detention, and they need us now more than ever.

Keep signing, keep sharing, keep fighting.  

To Boris Johnson & Priti Patel,

You must immediately take steps to review and release all those held in UK immigration detention centres to prevent serious harm and loss of life.

There is no justification for holding anyone in immigration detention while Covid-19 presents such a risk to life, and while travel restrictions prevent removals from the UK.

You must follow the expert advice and release everyone from immigration detention. 

Why it’s important

Hundreds are locked up in UK immigration detention centres indefinitely and without proper access to healthcare.

Indefinite immigration detention is inhumane and an extreme human rights abuse. 

Detention centres create fertile conditions for the spread of Coronavirus. The situation could quickly reach a crisis point if the government does not immediately release people.