We're one vote away from a ban on indefinite immigration detention - write to your MP now.

The House of Lords has now PASSED legislation that takes the first step towards outlawing indefinite immigration detention. 

Next week it will be our MPs' turn - support is at an all time high and public pressure could be the deciding factor in the vote. 

We've never come this close to actually changing the law before. It’s now or never - write to your MP today. 

Why it’s important

Priti Patel has plans to lock up people fleeing persecution and violence on islands, oil rigs and ferries – as well as the detention centres that already exist.  

Every year, thousands are sent to detention centres for weeks, months or even years – there is no limit.

We are the only country in Europe that does this, and all the evidence shows how pointless and inhumane it is. 

That's why indefinite detention has become one of the most pressing human rights issues facing the UK today.

The proposed changes to the law start by outlawing indefinite detention for EU and Swiss nationals, and then for all people in all circumstances. 

We've nearly achieved the first part - so let’s keep going.