Immigration Bill 2020

It's time to end indefinite immigration detention


Write to your MP now

Right now, our MPs are deciding on the future of the UK's immigration system - and the Government is under a lot of pressure over its inhumane system of indefinite immigration detention. 

A new law has been proposed that would bring an end to this unjust system, but we need our MPs to vote for it. 

That's where we come in - write to your MP now and ask them to support an end to indefinite detention

The proposed new law would:

  • Make sure that no one is detained for longer than 28 days
  • Put independent judges in charge not invisible Home Office staff
  • Protect vulnerable people like torture and trafficking survivors from prolonged detention

Last year, MPs from all major parties backed an end to indefinite detention and our campaign came closer than ever to achieving these goals.   

Now, we have a chance to once again show the Government how many people oppose their unjust detention policies. If enough MPs sign up, we could change the law.