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Help us stop offshore detention - write to your MP!

Priti Patel wants to give herself the power to send people seeking safety to offshore camps in distant countries.

We know we can’t even trust Priti Patel with people’s humanity and dignity when they’re in the UK. Just imagine what she’ll allow people to be subjected to if they’re banished to camps where even UK law doesn’t apply.

Email your MP now →

Offshore detention has been tried once before, with tragic and deadly results. Twelve people died in Australia's offshore detention camps, including one who was murdered by guards.

Ellie Shakiba, an artist and film-maker from Iran, was held in the detention camp on Nauru for almost seven years.

She told us:

“We often went without clean water and electricity for days at a time. The environment was polluted with heavy metals as we were imprisoned inside a former phosphate mine. We lived in plastic tents surrounded by toxic black mould. Most of the island’s buildings had crumbling asbestos materials and toxic smoke from a nearby garbage dump that was periodically lit on fire."

This is our best chance to stop Priti Patel getting the power to create offshore detention camps. Let's make sure MPs get the message about what we think of those who stand idly by while this Government treat people seeking safety with mindless cruelty.