War in Ukraine is forcing countless families from their homes, driving them across borders to find safety.

While the rest of Europe is meeting this crisis head-on and opening its arms to those in need, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson have dragged their feet at every step.

Instead of creating a safe, direct route for Ukrainian refugees to travel to the UK, this Government has put up bureaucratic barriers and literally blocked people arriving at the border in northern France.

Even as the conflict rages on, Priti Patel is doggedly pursuing her plans to build offshore detention camps on remote islands, where she wants to send any person seeking asylum in the UK, including children.

We want to welcome people fleeing conflict and persecution, whether they come from Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan or anywhere else. Priti Patel and Boris Johnson want to send them across the ocean to languish for years in hidden camps.

Please sign our letter to Priti Patel and PM Boris Johnson, demanding they abandon their plans to send refugees to offshore detention centres.

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